What would you consider to be the most important products that Mexico has brought to the world? For us, there is no doubt that chocolate and tequila make the top two. These exports are delicious and luxurious too. And the best news? They combine perfectly to light up any classy dinner party. If you are looking for fancy dinner ideas that will wow your guests, look no further than this combo. If you don’t believe us, check out these fun desserts you could create with tequila and chocolate.

tequila and chocolate ice cream

Summer’s Day Tequila and Chocolate Ice Cream

Cool your guests down with silky smooth ice cream, made from delicious chocolate and silver tequila. Just take 250ml of dark chocolate ice cream, and slowly stir in 8 shots of top-quality Plata tequila to deliver a showstopper of a dessert. The best option here is Olmeca Tequila because it has subtle notes that combine perfectly with rich chocolate. Serve up in sundae glasses and top with white chocolate shavings, perfection.

Tequila-Infused Chocolate Pots

Chocolate pots are delicious desserts, although they can be on the heavy side. Avoid weighing your dinner guests down by drizzling some smoky and sweet reposado tequila into the mix. If you must buy the choc pots from a store, just pour tequila over them and flambe them for a sensational blend of flavors. These pots will have your guests talking about your dinner party for some time to come. Again we recommend that you use Olmeca Reposado for this dish. Besides it being smooth, it also has sweet and citrus-fuelled flavors.

two hands holding chocolate grain

Frozen Chocolate Tequila Taste Bomb

This spicy, chocolate and tequila dessert is ideal for closing the show at your dinner party. Fancy dinner recipes don’t get much better. To make this dessert, use the Olmeca Altos tequila of your choice and mix in a glass with chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream, a touch of coffee liqueur, and some chili flakes. Besides heat, chili brings out tequila and chocolate flavors. Once combined, freeze the desserts and remove them once they have a mousse-like texture. Garnish with a touch of cayenne pepper and cocoa powder and voila, Mexico in a glass.

Finally, the big question is, which tequila-inspired dessert will you make first?