Are you looking for a little inspiration for your next batch of tequila shots? You’ve come to the right place. Here, we look at how you can take your party to the next level with easy-to-make and delicious shots with tequila that will blow your guests away. The ultimate inspiration for these cocktails is art, so that’s exactly where we’ll begin. These little beauties won’t be inspired by complex fine art; however, we’re going to the streets for these drinks. There is no better expression than urban art murals, popping with color and life, so what better source for tequila shot inspiration? Let’s get stuck in, and soon, you’ll be the kings and queens of great cocktails, giving your next fiesta some artistic fire.

Street Art Culture and Tequila Working In Tandem

Not sure what the link is between tequila and street art? You may be surprised at just how tight these two worlds are. For years now, both have influenced one another, given that the fundamentals of each mirror each other. Just think about it: what does tequila mean to you? Fun, expressing yourself, brightening the night, and letting it all hang out, right? Urban art is rooted in the very same ethos.

The Power of Tequila For Street Art Legends

Tequila has influenced urban art across Mexico for years, with the corners of the country’s biggest cities daubed with agave murals, tequila-inspired landscapes, and party graphics. Not only this, but as many of you know only too well, a couple of shots of tequila inspire ideas. Tequila shots stoke creativity and allow you to dream big. Let’s take a look at some examples of urban art legends who love to incorporate tequila shots into their work.

The Top Tequila

The name of this collective says it all: a group inspired by their roots that uses tequila as the spirit behind all they do. This group has murals across Mexico City and beyond, and they have created some of the most striking murals in recent years, inspired by the party element of Mexico’s favorite drink.

Sego Ovbal

Sego has gained fame here in Mexico and the wider world for his takes on the deep-rooted traditions of Mexico’s cities and pueblos. He can utilize colors and a kaleidoscopic style to give themes like tequila producers a modern and exciting finish. Embracing the past and catapulting it to an exciting future, much like what Olmeca tequila does, is very much what Sego has gained a reputation for.

Sergio Sánchez Santamaría

Based in CDMX, Sergio is one of the few artists genuinely defined by his love for tequila and the plant it comes from. If you’re looking for some edgy urban art, this is the man you need to follow. Using blue agave, mezcal, and tequila through his layered black-and-white urban artwork, Sergio has created his gothic take on these awesome themes.


woman doing street drawing inspired by olmeca tequila

How Street Art Inspires Tequila Shots

The inspirational exchange between tequila and urban art is far from a one-way system, and street art themes have impacted shot creation. Both bartenders and hot tequila brands like Olmeca tequila have used the fundamentals of urban art in their shots. We’re talking colors, excitement, mashing up flavors, and using a renegade spirit to design the coolest shots. Don’t believe us? Here are just some of Olmeca’s best tequila shot recipes, inspired by the creativity of urban art, that you could incorporate at any celebration.

The Beer Jello Shot

Graffiti and urban art are about more than just bringing colors together to make a statement; they are also about playing with textures. Textures, you say? Step forth the beer jello shot, a fun and wobbly shot that brings two party guests together: beer and tequila. The two flavors match perfectly, and adding gelatin gives the shot a playful attitude. Upon entering the party scene, these are the perfect welcome shots for the crew.

The Rim of Fire

Street murals often have funky names that grab you instantly, and this tequila shot from Olmeca is no different. Besides, who wouldn’t want their party kickstarted with the epic ‘Rim of Fire’? Beyond the name, this shot replicates the buzz of urban art, both in the colorful aesthetic and a burning message that lights up the night. This shot is a juxtaposition in its truest sense, much like many art pieces we see across Mexico’s urban life. Mixing up earthy reposado with spicy Tabasco, topped with sweet and spicy candied chili, and toned down with lime juice, this is a shot with something to say.

Olmeca Chocolate Milkshake

Street art ideas push boundaries, just like this envelope-pushing cocktail from Olmeca. Few would think of combining these flavors, but dig a little deeper, and they make so much sense. Both chocolate and tequila have their roots in Mexico, and combined, they create a real talking point at the party. Now, isn’t that just how art should be? Add Olmeca dark chocolate with cream and chocolate ice cream, whisk together, and create your artistic revelation.

Tequila Lemon Pops

One aspect of street art that everyone loves is its ability to bend reality to express feelings and emotions. In the same way a mural takes ordinary ingredients and twists them to the artist’s will, these lemon pops take tequila and present them in a far-from-ordinary practice. Instead of sipping down a shot of tequila, why not suck on it? Lime, Olmeca Silver, and chili powder flavors are all there, but no liquid is in sight. These lemon pops are a fun and refreshing way to enjoy these classic ingredients in style.

The Amber Blade

Art murals across Mexico draw on traditional themes, urban fashion, and differing textures to often showcase a mishmash of ideas. When brought together, this variety combines perfectly to deliver awesome results. This is exactly what inspired Olmeca to create the Amber Blade. The shot combines the easy-to-shoot Olmeca Silver with premium fizzy wine, orange juice, and tangy strawberry liqueur to create art in a shot glass. When the shot is finished with orange segments and a cherry, it looks every bit as chaotic and fascinating as it tastes.

Street Art Fiesta At Home

If you want to throw the baddest Mexican street art fiesta at home, these are the shots you can create to bring creativity. Load up on Olmeca tequila, whip up these simple shots, and encourage your guests to do a little urban-style street drawing on canvases around your home — inspired by some of Mexico’s finest. Don’t forget to let the guests know that the walls are off-limits, or you may be scrubbing rogue murals off for days.

Because of its raw origins, street art is the purest form of expression. Those who pick up the spray can have a message to deliver, and they do so in the coolest way imaginable. So if you create an event with shots that have style and color, stomping Latin rhythms, and guests allowing their creative juices to run wild, you can bring the heart of urban art to your next fiesta.