Quitting drinking is incredibly helpful if you’re looking to lose weight, given the volume of sugar and starch that it contains. A great number of alcoholic beverages also have sugary mixers and fatty chemicals added. But what about those who aren’t dieting, yet and want to still enjoy the party without gaining weight? If this describes you, here is how you can still live it up with your friends, without worrying about your waistline.

Focus On Low Calories

Calorie management is the key to any diet, whether you are looking to gain, lose or stay the same. This goes for both your food and your alcohol consumption. Low-calorie drinks are the solution for those looking to stay trim and still be the life and soul of the party. The best example of this is a great tequila, with an average of 110 calories per shot. A high-quality product like Olmeca tequila is ideal for the party and you can enjoy shots or longer drinks, without fear of piling on the pounds.

Delicate Mixology

Spirits are going to be your best friend at the party, with vodka, gin, whisky, and tequila calories all coming in around the 100-110 mark. The devil, as they say, is in the details, and with cocktails, it takes on the form of mixers. Most cocktails are packed with sugary juices or syrups. These may taste delicious but your stomach won’t thank you. Here you need to avoid the fattening mixers and instead stick to soda and spring water, zero-sugar sodas, and just a splash of natural fruit juice.

Balanced Lifestyle

Enjoying low-calorie drinks like Olmeca Gold when you are partying is important in keeping your weight down. So too is ensuring that you are living a balanced lifestyle. This means not partying every day, but just on the weekends. During the week you should seek to lead a healthy lifestyle. In basic terms, this means 30 minutes of exercise per day, and limiting calories. Recommended calorie intake per day is 2,000 for women and 2,500 for me. Stick to this limit and exercise, so that you can enjoy some exciting shots with tequila on the weekend.

group of energetic friends dancing in night club

Calorie Burning

The great news for you party animals out there is that living it up has been proven to burn calories. In fact, if you love to dance, you’ll be pleased to hear that you could be burning 300-600 calories per hour. Dancing for 2 hours and drinking tequila with lime and spring water, means that you’ll burn off the calories you are drinking. This is a great reason for you to avoid sitting down all night and hit the dance floor instead. Just remember that for every 30 minutes of dancing, you can have another drink without worrying about the pounds. Now there is a reason to party!

Lowering your alcohol consumption can certainly help you to lose weight, and is worth considering. If however, you simply want to party guilt-free, this is how to go about it.