Who’s ready to throw down the best Mexican party known to man? You’ve come to the right place, and today, we will give you all the tips you need to host the best fiesta of your life. For this Mexican showcase, we’ll be using the inspiration of the timeless Mariachis with a modern twist, and everyone’s favorite party-starter, tequila! Mariachi and tequila may offer a glimpse into this great nation’s cultural past, but add some contemporary touches, and you’ll see just how lit your special night will become. What do you need? Well, let’s start with a bottle of Olmeca tequila, some shot glasses, and an open mind, then read on for some ideas and inspiration.

Mariachis Brings The Mexico To The Party

“Ay, ay, ay, ay canta y no llores,” proclaims the chorus of the iconic Mariachi song ‘El Cielito Lindo,’ decrying all who listen to sing and not cry, and what better mantra for your Mexican fiesta? If you listen to the song, however, you may be concerned that the slow, classic nature of the song may not entirely set the right mood for a banging night, but fear not. This party will simply draw on the message, style, and attitude of the Mariachis, which is one of celebration. The most important aspect of your big night, however, will be modernizing the Mariachi feel so that your night explodes into life.

Embrace Your Inner Mexican With Fun Fancy Dress

Encouraging fancy dress doesn’t just make the party more fun; it invites guests to drop their inhibitions before the tequila shots even hit. On top of this, wearing fancy dress is cool AF, and those Mariachi outfits look dope, especially if you can give it a 2023 twist, sexy
Mariachi singer, anyone?

DIY Mariachi

For a creative touch, have a DIY Mariachi costume station to make everyone’s life easier. Provide plain hats, shirts, accessories, fabric markers, patches, and embellishments so that guests can customize their outfits. Make sure that you introduce some neon colors, face paints and other wacky props to blaze a modern trail to this vintage look. In fact, you could even turn it into a competition, offering up a tasty bottle of Olmeca tequila for the winner.

wall with a painting of modern mariachi with hat and glasses holds two shots of olmeca tequila in a mexican party

Colorful Dresses and Accessories:

You don’t have to keep it Mariachi here; you could also embrace classic Mexican outfits with vibrant colors. Add accessories like bold earrings, statement belts, and stylish hats to complete the look.

Decorating Your Place To Give The Fiesta Vibe

Now that you’ve decided on a theme and prepared the perfect recipes for some delicious tequila shots, it’s time to give your place a makeover. Here are some necessary ingredients for your Mexican Mariachi mega-party to ensure everyone is in the mood.

Bright and Bold Colors

Mexico is all about bold and bright colors, especially when it is fiesta time. When it comes to colors, the only rules are to go as bright as possible: hot pink, electric blue, neon green, and blazing orange; just let your creative juices run wild. Traditional Mariachi colors include red, black, white, and gold and are worth incorporating here.

Papel Picado:

Decorate the venue with colorful papel picado banners. Mix traditional designs with modern patterns to add a touch of uniqueness. You can even personalize them with the event date or your designs.

Table Settings:

Use vibrant tablecloths, napkins, and dishes to enhance the atmosphere. Additionally, you could consider introducing cool Mexican touches like cactus centerpieces or succulents to really land the theme.

Themed Glassware:

Drinking shots out of cactus-shaped glasses will give revelers a true sense of Mexico as they shoot down your delicious tequila shooters.

Mariachi Instruments:

If you have guitars, trumpets, or violins hanging around, don’t be frightened to add them to walls or use them as centerpieces; this will give your home that authentic touch.

Photo Booth:

A photo booth creates iconic memories for your friends and family, allowing them to get into the spirit with props like sombreros, ponchos, and more. The 360 camera is another great option because it will both capture memories and make guests feel like rock stars as the tequila shots flow.

Making The Best Shot Selection With Olmeca Tequila, Time To Create Chemistry

How do you get started with the party prep? With tequila, of course! No Mexican party would be complete without shots with tequila on tap, and that is where we’ll begin. Now, you could keep it simple here, grab a great tequila for shots like Olmeca, raise your glasses high, chink, and down them together, but we can do better than that. Olmeca tequila perfectly lends itself to some of the best tequila shot recipes your guests will love. Take your Mexican fiesta to dizzying new heights with these awesome, easy-to-make, creative shots:

Beer Jello Shot – Olmeca’s Beer Jello shot is the perfect welcome drink that is not too boozy but helps to get everyone in the mood. Prep beer and Olmeca Gold with gelatin and water one day before the big fiesta, pour them into shot molds and bang them in the fridge. As guests arrive, hit them with a jello shot to kickstart the party.

The Rim of Fire – We created the rim of fire for those with no limits, those ready to get loose, get hot, and party all night, so basically, it’s exactly what you’re looking for. To make this fiery shot, first rim a glass with chili powder and fill it with Olmeca Reposado. Finally, add a splash of lime juice and Tabasco sauce, and see who is ready to turn the temp up with this tongue-tingling shot.

Pineapple Shot – This shot will lower inhibitions and boost energy, so what better time to drink it than your awesome Mexican party? Mix Olmeca Silver with pineapple and lime juice, pour slowly into the shot glass, and top with a pineapple wedge. It doesn’t get much better than vitamins, booze, and tangy flavors.

The Bang Bang Bang – Shots don’t have to be complicated, and this is the best example of that. Half-fill a shot glass with reposado or silver tequila, and top up with your favorite soda. This works with every soda you could imagine. Line up the various soda options for an incredible mural of colorful and tequila-filled art.

group of friends take a shot of olmeca tequila with orange chips and in the background a table with painted paper

Time To Crank Up The Tunes

Getting the decorations right, having everyone wear fancy dress, and, of course, dousing your party fire with agave spirits will get the party going, but what use is a Mexican-themed fiesta without some epic tunes to get everyone going? Here, then, are some of the tunes that will bring that Mexican/Mariachi feel to this banging fiesta without bringing the mood down:

Modern Mariachi:

Let’s kick things off with some modern Mexican dance music, inspired by the traditional Mariachis dancefloor delicacies:

Bang La Decks – Aide
El Mariachi – Bassjackers & Jay Hardway
Mariachi – LNY TNZ x Mariana Bo
Mariachi Antonio Banderas – Dj SlyDarck
Mariachi – Vaskan & Yosuf
Mariachi – KAHMARO
These are just some of the hard-hitting, contemporary options for your party that will keep people dancing and maintain that Mariachi feel.

Mexican Anthems:

Bum Bum – Mr Pig
Se Va – Tom & Collins, Cumbiafrica
The Alfa – Gama
Deli – Fruti
Bailale – Rvmdon
No Puedo – Lucasso, Salma
Tu Pones La Hora y Yo Me Caigo – DJ Cobra Monterrey, Nyel
Smash – Fenc3r, Mr Pig
Agua – Bsno

These tunes may not quite be Mariachi, but they will ensure that your fiesta stays all the way Mexican. This last hit by Bsno is perfect for tequila shot taking too: ‘yo no quiero agua, yo quiero tequila!!!’ Don’t we all?

Now, there’s nothing left to do but grab that tequila bottle and go have yourself the greatest fiesta of all time.