If you thought that tequila was only good for a hard-hitting shooter, then think again. In fact, this delicious Mexican spirit is capable of more than that, much more. You may have even thought that it was only fancy wine that could be paired with other foods, but you’d be wrong again. As per Mexican tradition, tequila combines seamlessly with so many flavor profiles, think refreshing salt and lime for example, not to mention, some fiery flavors. Mexican food, contrary to what many think, is not all about spice, it is far more complex in fact. When it comes to tequila, however, spice makes for the ideal compliment, and here is why.

Cultural Identity Which Drives This Combo

Whilst true that Mexican cuisine is not driven by spice, it is certainly prevalent. In fact, there are more chili varieties found in Mexico than in any nation on the planet. It makes perfect sense therefore that through the years, creative minds have sought to mix the two. The result is magnificent, infused tequilas, pairing with hot snacks, and chili-laced cocktails to set the mouth on fire. There is a whole lot of fun to be found when you combine these two iconic Mexican flavors.

Pairing Tequila With Spicy Snacks At Your Next Party

If you plan on throwing a tequila party then some spicy snacks are a must. What you will need is a nice smooth bottle of tequila, Olmeca Reposado is a great option here. Olmeca is ready-made for parties, with a smooth finish that works in both cocktails and shots. Once you have a bottle, here are some snacks to consider:

chips nachos with beef guacamole chili cheese

Spicy Nachos

Load up tortilla chips in a bowl with grated cheddar cheese, guacamole, freshly chopped tomatoes, cilantro and a big scoop of hot tomato and chili salsa. For extra spice, you can make some chili con carne, to your liking, and load it on top of your nachos.

Fuego Bowl

Mix mini pretzels, goldfish crackers, tortilla chips, and peanuts in a bowl. Bring the fire with an equal-sized pinch of cumin, cayenne pepper, hot paprika, salt, and garlic powder. Add the dry mix, shake it up and serve alongside tequila shots. Keep some lime wedges close in case it gets too spicy.

Fiery Fish Bites

Fish and tequila perfectly complement each other. Adding spice, however, will take this combo to the next level. White fish is best here, chop a filet into bite-sized pieces, cover it in flour and fry in hot oil. Next, coat the battered fish in some fiery Sriracha sauce for a smoky, hot flavor – perfect for a long tequila cocktail. To tone things down a bit, opt for Tabasco sauce instead of Sriracha.

Classic Mexican Warmth

Not all spicy food that you mix with tequila needs to blow someone’s mouth up, which is why using the classic Mexican sauce Valentina could be your best option. A simple selection of crudités here will work perfectly. Slice carrots, cucumber, and celery, place them in a bowl and drizzle with the red sauce. This is a sweet and flavorful sauce, with just enough heat to bring to the part. Given that both Valentina and our favorite agave spirit are from Jalisco, there really is no better tequila pairing.

stack of tequila on fire

Spice Without The Snacks

The combination of Mexican tequila and spice isn’t just about food pairings. There are in fact a number of products out there that have infused fiery flavorings into the drink itself. Here are some cocktails which you could put together which showcase that Mexican tradition of spice and tequila.

  • Spicy Paloma – Update this classic by adding some fresh serrano chili peppers straight into the mix.
  • Fiery Margarita – Lace your Margarita with jalapeños to up the fire stakes
  • The Alarm Clock – A habanero, tequila, and ginger ale shot that will certainly wake you up for the party.
  • El Diablo – For those who really want the smoke. Mix habanero and jalapeño chilies with tequila, triple sec, grenadine, and mineral water, then see who can handle it.