Looking to throw a Mexican-themed fiesta? Be careful that you don’t turn it into a cringefest. There is a fine line between a lit Mexican-themed party and one that completely misses the mark. Before we start, let’s establish that good cocktail tequila should be your priority when planning the fiesta, and Olmeca is the best option. Now that we’ve got the important stuff out of the way let’s help you create the perfect Mexican fiesta.

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The Best Food For The Fiesta

Before you conjure up any ideas of large meals or a carne asada, the key here is keeping things simple. Your guests will need to eat something, but try and overdo things or attempt something you haven’t tried before, like birria or barbacoa. Small snacks are fine, and Tex-Mex cuisine is the best option. A chili con carne is a great one-pot meal if you do fancy cooking. Beyond this, stick to nachos and some prepped chicken tacos to soak up all those tequila shots.

What You’ll Be Drinking

A couple of bottles of Olmeca tequila is all the fuel this party needs to stay lit, and you can get creative here with cocktails and shots. After all, your guests will expect tequila on tap, given the event’s theme. Here are some cool drinks to prep for the big night.

Toma Shot

The Olmeca Toma Shot is fiery, laced with tequila, and will be a real favorite at the party. Mix Olmeca silver with tomato juice and some Tabasco sauce to create this little rocket of a shot.

Jalapeño Shot

Turn the heat all the way up with a jalapeño tequila shot. Mexico loves fiery food and drink, and no party would be complete without some spice. Take a shot of Olmeca Silver, add a fresh jalapeño pepper in half, and let it sit for an hour before guests arrive. As the juice oozes from the chili, they infuse the tequila and give a warm buzz when drinking.

Olmeca Tequila Submarine

As the party progresses into the night, this is the drink to ensure everyone is having a great time. Lacing beer with tequila makes perfect sense, right? That’s exactly what our tequila submarine cocktail is all about. Line up the guests at the table, and pour bottles of beer into a tumbler for each guest.
Take a bottle of Olmeca reposado and then give each guest a strong shot, line it up next to the beers. Finally, hand each of them a slice of lime. When you give the signal, everyone throws the shot and lime into the beer and chugs to see who finishes first. Downing these submarines will guarantee excitement, laughter, and a lot of spilled drinks. Now that is what we call a party!
Drinking straight-up shots is fine, but getting creative and wowing your guests with these flavored shots is better. For the best cocktails/shots, ensure you’ve got plenty of bottles of Olmeca, the first name on the guest list. Long tequila cocktails have their place, but a Mexican-themed party needs shots and plenty of them!

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Details Are Cool

There is nothing at all wrong with bringing some fun details into the party. Details like cactus cups or posters, Mexican flags on the wall, and even an inflatable donkey are all fun additions to the party. People think these are cringe, but we think they set the tone for a hilarious party.

What to Avoid

You should look to avoid some things when you throw a Mexican-themed party to avoid looking cringe.

Traditional Dress

Getting people to get dressed up in traditional clothing may be good fun on Cinco de Mayo, but aside from that, leave the sombreros and ponchos at home.

Missing The Musical Mark

There is a lot of music that instantly makes you think of Mexico. Banda and Norteña, for example, Luis Miguel, Juan Gabriel, and Jose Jose. These may sound very Mexican, but leave them out of the playlist if you want the party to really go off. Stick to Mexican DJs, and keep the adrenaline and beats pumping all night.
These are the elements that any great Mexican party needs and what you should avoid if you want your guests to have a memorable night.