Is it time for you to take a break? Just picture the scene; you are standing aboard a private yacht, floating aimlessly across glistening waters with your best friends. As the afternoon draws on, relaxation gives way to party vibes, and what better way to ramp the fun levels up than to bring some Mexican vibes? We’re talking about great Mexican music, food, and of course, some shots with tequila for the gang. If this sounds like your kinda vibe, grab a bottle of our Olmeca gold and allow us to turn your Mexican party up to 11.

Getting Loose

Everyone gets a little looser once they have warmed up with a few cold ones, and drinking games are certainly the best way to get everyone involved. Shots will get your yacht party going, and here are a couple of easy drinking games to try.

Never Have I Ever

Shout out something naughty or scandalous you’ve never done, those in the group who have must take a shot.

Shot Roulette

Line up 5 shots of Olmeca Silver with 5 shots of water, take turns drinking shots, and see who gets lucky.

best tequila shot recipes for yacht party

Getting The Music Right

Every party improves once you crank the music up. For this Mexican party, start with some reggaeton. The drum beats and party vibes are perfect for dancing under the sunshine. Once the sun begins to set, turn up the salsa and show off your moves as you float along the water.

Reggaeton Gold

  • Bad Bunny
  • Daddy Yankee
  • Wisin & Yandel

Epic Party DJs

  • DJ Horizon
  • DjmMaFer
  • Keltro

Snack Time

Because of all that drinking and dancing, you’re bound to have an appetite, so be sure that you’ve planned your snacks ahead of time. Arming yourself with the best tequila shot recipes is one thing, but you’ll need some sustenance to keep the party going. Go for an easy Tex-Mex vibe here as the food is easy to prepare and store on the yacht. Mexican food is about sharing and filling up that stomach to keep the party going all night long.

snacks to mix with tequila yacht party

Easy Mexican Recipe Prep

  • Nachos with chili and guacamole
  • Homemade beef burritos with beans and cheese
  • Fish tacos with fresh lime juice and cilantro

These are the ideal ingredients for your wild Mexican yacht party. Now doesn’t that just inspire you to get out of the office and into your vacations?