Party people, Spring Break 2024 is very nearly upon us. Are you ready for it? Whether you’re heading to Cabo with your squad or heading out with your fellow students for sun, sea, and celebration with your college buddies, we can all agree that such an event won’t be the same without tequila. Olmeca tequila, of course, is the ultimate party companion and will take your Spring Break to the next level. This week-long fiesta is all about packing in as much fun as possible, so we recommend bringing some games to the occasion. Games plus tequila shots equal an epic time, and we have some of the best tequila shot recipes to use for your gaming pleasure.

If you’re planning someone else’s event or orchestrating your trip, here are some of the best games for drinking shots.

Games For The Fiesta

You could play all sorts of shot games, and in the party setting, you can really let your creative juices run wild. Grab some tequila, and get your teeth into these awesome games as you party the night away:

Olmeca Tequila blanco shot games card

Never Have I Ever

Let us kick off the shot-taking Spring Break fiesta with one of our fave tequila shot games, Never Have I Ever. This game is about spilling secrets, selling out friends, and shooting some tequila shooters. The game is simple: you declare something you’ve never done, and those who have must shoot. Naturally, the idea here is not just to give shots but a touch of shame, too. Anything you declare can be as naughty or nice as you see fit.

Suggested Shot: Olmeca’s Spicy Jalapeño Shot

Olmeca’s easy-to-make, spicy jalapeño shot is the perfect option for this game. Much like some of the confessions in the game, this shot has an interesting kick of fire and passion.

Shot Pong

Beer pong has long been a party staple, but remember that this year’s Spring Break is about breaking the norm. With six cups on each side, 2 varieties of Olmeca shots, and a couple of ping-pong, this party is about to go to the stratosphere. With this game, the rules remain the same as beer pong, but the drinks hit different. Here are two simple shots you can mix into jugs for each game round; just remember to pour a shot into each cup only.

The Green Shot

Olmeca’s Green Shot is refreshing and light and even has some health benefits. Add Olmeca Plata with an apple and cucumber green juice, then add crushed ice and mix. With vitamins, antioxidants, and delicious tequila, there’s no better option for party shot pong.

Pineapple Ritual

If your opponents are better than you in this game, you and your partner will be shooting the lot. With this in mind, keeping the booze levels light is better. This is precisely why Olmeca’s Pineapple Ritual is your ideal choice. This tangy shot can be made with pineapple and lime juice, chunks of pineapple, and some Olmeca Reposado. If you’re making it for Shot Pong, go heavy on the juice and lighter on the tequila; it’ll still taste great!

Tequila Shot Card Games

If you’re heading out for some fun at the beach with your squad or a party planner setting up an epic apartment experience for your guests, there is a great deal that you can do with a bottle of Olmeca tequila and a deck of cards. These games for drinking shots are easy to set up, simple to play, and a whole lot of fun.

Olmeca Tequila blanco shot games card

Screw The Dealer

In this game, each of the group takes turns being the dealer, beginning by all taking a card; the person with the lowest value card is first up. The dealer picks a group member and wagers a tequila shot against their competition. The dealer now draws 3 cards, with 3 challenges for the opponent, and they must guess right to win.

First, they must guess the suit of the first card; if they get it wrong, they have to think of the value of the second card. Failing this, there’ll be a final showdown on the last card, and the dealer’s opponent must guess higher or lower than the second. If the opponent answers correctly, the dealer goes straight to Shot City. If, however, they get all answers wrong, they shoot, and they become the dealer. Now, let’s take a look at the best shot options for these battles:


Olmeca’s tangy Toma-Shot is the perfect booster after you’ve lost a round of this game to pick you up and awaken the brain. It offers a little tequila hit, blazed with Tabasco Sauce and fresh tomato juice, preparing you for the next round.

Olmeca Submarine

If you want to up the stakes with Screw the Dealer, introduce a good old-fashioned submarine to the party. Take a straight shot of Olmeca Reposado, depth charge it into a half cup of beer, and the loser sinks it all.

Truth or Shoot

Beyond the card games we’ve covered here, you can also use cards to play your very own game of Truth or Shoot. First, take 24 cards, 12 up top and 12 below; name one line truth and one line shoot. Next up, deal each player in the game 4 cards. Each player takes turns flipping a truth or shooting cards, and whoever has the same number flipped must either take a shot or reveal the truth to the question of the flipper’s choosing. Given the simplicity of this game, we’ll need a shooter that can be easily made; let’s take a look.

Olmeca Tequila, Bang, Bang

We’re going for our basic and delicious Bang Bang for this one. Half-fill a shot glass with any Olmeca tequila and top it up with your favorite soda. Remember, neither games nor shots must be complicated to be great!

Olmeca Tequila gold shot games truth or shoot

Zero Equipment Games For Drinking Shots

Suppose you and the Spring Break crew haven’t planned ahead of time but want a tequila shot game to get the party going; fear not. Some games here require nothing but a desire to have fun and shoot some tequila shots.

Bite the Bag

Bite the Bag is about as simple as a game can be, yet it will pump a ton of fun into the party, especially when we add tequila to the mix! All you’ll need for this game is a paper bag, a cereal box, and a bottle of Olmeca tequila. Place the bag or box on the floor, and then take turns to grab it with your teeth. You mustn’t use your hands here; it’s a game about flexibility. Those who cannot grab the bag must take a shot, and those who can move on to the next round. As each round passes, remove an inch from the bag or box and see how low everyone can go!


And finally, we have the classic drinking game, Thumper. Grab the tequila, sit in a circle with your friends, and think of your very own hand signal to show when the time comes. Moving in a circle, each person throws up their hand sign, but only once they’ve repeated the signs of those who came before. If you’re first, you’re in luck, but once everyone continues taking turns, your memory will be tested. Those who mess up hit a shot, and the game begins again. It’s simple, fun, and sure to see everyone taking their share of shots.

Given both games’ simplicity, we recommend the most straightforward shots with tequila here with the Olmeca Submarine. Grab a cup, pour in some beer, and then drop a shot glass filled with Olmeca before downing.

Spring Break Games Etiquette

These games will take your Spring Break parties to the next level but don’t forget that they are all about having fun. This is not about ruining your Spring Break, so stay hydrated, make sure that you take it easy, and focus on having a hilarious time with your buddies in the sunshine. Spring Break, awesome games, and Olmeca tequila, now there’s the recipe for the best week ever!

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