How many of you love to rock sneakers when you’re turning it up at the party? All white? A splash of color? Or something so bold that everyone notices? Whatever your bag is, there is no doubt that sneakers are the go-to fashion choice for the party setting. We are currently seeing an awesome connection across the nation’s hottest parties between streetwear, urban music, and tequila, and this is what we’re going to get stuck into right now. Let’s take a look, then, at how you can pair your best streetwear outfits with the hottest sneakers for the coolest party style. Additionally, we’ll be taking things a step further, showing off some of the best tequila shot recipes that match each type of urban fashion choice. Let’s go.

Why Tequila Shots and Sneakers Hit Different

So what is it about the style of streetwear and a shot of tequila that works so well? Sneakers are the best place to start here to understand the thread that links the two. Not only are both sneakers and tequila shots essential party items, but there is a deeper connection. Sneakers got their start in sports and weren’t originally considered ‘fashionable.’ Similarly, tequila shots were part and parcel of Mexican culture long before awesome brands like Olmeca tequila made the drink as trendy as it has become.

Tequila shots have long gone beyond basic, and they now come in all colors, flavors, and styles, just like sneakers and streetwear.

Flat White and Sweet Juice

Let’s kick this guide off with one of the most iconic trainers out there, white all over. This is the style of sneaker that everyone can vibe with: simple, beautiful, and goes with everything. Simply put, if you’re rocking a fresh pair of white sneakers, you can wear just about anything alongside them. This is one of the hottest options if you’re wearing colorful clothes, as they give a great foundation for bold tones. If you can get your hands on a pair of high-quality, all-white showstoppers, there is no party that you can’t attend in style. The detailed design of fashionable all-whites is about bringing the world of basketball origins and urban fashion together. We are all about combos like this, and if you’re rocking straight white fashion sneakers, here’s the tequila shot you should be shooting and what tunes should be on your playlist.

Shots For The Sneakers

Most stylish, pure white trainers offer intricate details to give them a modern twist. Because of this, we need a tequila that follows suit. The best shot for those rocking these awesome sneakers, then, is Olmeca’s Green Shot. This takes the classic gold or silver tequila shot and laces it with green coloring from cucumber and apple juice to add a funky tone to your clean pumps.

Woman standing in the middle of the street dressed in street wear fashion and white sneakers

Rhythm and Shoes: Pairing Fresh Beats with Fresh Kicks

Stomp into the party armed with a tequila, some fresh white pumps, and one of these bangers.

What’s The Move – KID Laroi, Future, BabyDrill
Trapstar – DEELA
Ain’t Bout Nun – Doe Boy

Colorful Collabs With Tequila Drip

Much like the journey of tequila, bold-colored sneakers have grown in popularity over the years. Once a style that was solely dedicated to running shoes, from beyond style, bold-colored sneakers are now a fashion essential for any sneakerhead. Both tequila and sneaker brands love a collab, and brands with colorful sneaks are ideal for collabing with styles like this. We’ve seen the Olmeca tequila collab with DJ Nicky Romero over the years, and brands who drop crazy colors love to as well. Those who produce zany-colored shoes love to connect with the best in the fashion industry. If you’re wearing bright-colored footwear, you can keep it simple with the rest of your clothing choices: a nice white tee or keep it straight black if you like. The collabs with fashionistas showcase the very best of the bright style, and you can turn heads in the club if you rock those mashups. Struggling with which color to choose? Why not try bright red or shocking yellow with some skinny jeans to highlight those pumps? Now, let’s match up those sneaks with the right tequila shot.

Shots For The Sneakers

Brands that deliver color love combining styles and influences, so let’s keep that energy when choosing the right shots with tequila. The Olmeca Amber Blade is the perfect option because it’s colorful and tasty and mashes up multiple flavors. We’re talking Olmeca tequila, strawberry liqueur, sparkling wine, and orange juice, served up in a shooter for the ages. Now, that is what we call a stylish combo!

Rhythm and Shoes: Pairing Fresh Beats with Fresh Kicks

Armed with your bright-toned pumps, some black jeans to show them off, and your Amber Blade in hand, drop these hits for an epic entrance:

Pretty Girl – Ice Spice, REMA
QLONA – KAROL G, Peso Pluma
Which One – Erika Banks

Hit The Dancefloor Like an Animal

What do Olmeca and animal print sneakers have in common? A fashion staple, that’s what. Animal print takes the natural world and turns it into a timeless party way. Olmeca, too, takes the ingredients Mother Nature gives us and blends them into the perfect potion to take your party to new heights. Sneakers with touches of animal print look so cool, and you can look at any brand to see just how they embrace the likes of leopard, tiger, and cheetah skin for the dopest sneaker designs.

The beauty of animal-print footwear is that you can complement it with camo and other animal-print tees and caps and look cool AF. Streetwear fashion has shown its love for this style for many years, and it shows no signs of change. Fashion and alcohol trends move on, but classics like Olmeca and animal-print have always stayed in style.

Friends dressed in street fashion dance and wear sneakers at party

Shots For The Sneakers

Because this shoe design is the essence of classic with an urban twist, we need a tequila shot that has also reinvented a timeless icon. For this, we’ll need something colorful, easy on the eye, and absolutely delicious. Step forward, then, the Olmeca Shot-Rise. Creating this shooter is insanely easy and looks every bit as good as it tastes. Add Olmeca Plata with orange juice and grenadine to a shake, add ice, and get it moving before pouring it into your shot glass. It’s a classic!

Rhythm and Shoes: Pairing Fresh Beats with Fresh Kicks

Animal colors on? Shot-Rise in hand? Looking deadly? Let’s take to the dance floor with some bangers like these to get the party bouncing:

Shotta Flow – NLE Choppa
Everybody – Nicki Minaj, Lil Uzi Vert
Baller – NAV

Special Sneakers and Shots Shout-Outs

The three combos in this guide aren’t the only way to combine badass sneakers with tequila shooters; here are some special mentions to bear in mind.

High-tops with the Toma-Shot – For those looking for something simple with a hidden kick of style.

Bootilicious with Rim of Fire – For those who love to be unique, rocking boots instead of sneakers.
Sneakers-not-sneakers with the Jalapeño Shot – Rocking sneakers that look like shoes? Try this hot and spicy shot that aligns with your wild side.

Worshiping Urban Culture With Tequila and Kicks

As you can see, we can draw so many parallels between what you wear to the party and what you drink. Tequila is the fuel that takes the party to the max, and your sneaker choice makes for the perfect vehicle to get you to the front and center of the dance floor. What you wear is as important as what you drink, so try these awesome combos for your next epic party or trip to the club.