Tequila cocktails showcase the flexibility and rich flavors of this Mexican spirit. Within this there are traditional tequila cocktails and modern concoctions, but which of the two should you be
trying out? Tequila shots are great to set the party off, but if you’re feeling more adventurous these are the modern and classic tequila drinks which you could sample.

beer and tequila olmeca

Classic Category


The world’s most famous tequila cocktail is the classic Margarita, refreshing, fruity and perfect for parties. Mix equal parts triple sec, tequila and lime juice for a simple cocktail which will lift the
spirits of everyone at the party. The best tequila for Margaritas is always silver and we recommend using Olmeca Plata, a great foundation for this cocktail classic.


Tequila Sunrise

The Tequila Sunrise recipe is also very basic, take silver tequila, triple sec, orange juice and shake. Lastly add grenadine for the sunrise effect, plus a cherry to garnish those exciting flavors



In a tumbler mix silver tequila, grapefruit juice and agave syrup with ice. Top up the tumbler with soda water for a truly classic cocktail, one of the oldest in the history of tequila.

tequila paloma with olmeca tequila

Modern Tequila Drinks

Spicy Cucumber Margarita

The Margarita is a traditional way to drink tequila cocktails, yet with a slight flavor twist we can give the classic a new lease of life. Much like the traditional method, this drink uses silver tequila,
lime juice and agave syrup. For the modern day Margarita, add fresh cucumber and spicy jalapeños. Beat jalapeño slices in a shaker with 1 part lime juice and agave syrup and then add 2
parts silver Olmeca tequila with crushed ice. Give the mix a good shake then strain into a tumbler before garnishing with cucumber. Fresh, spicy and perfect for the summer sun.

The After Life

Now something to warm the heart when the temperature drops, a rich and flavor-packed cocktail for autumn/winter. In a shaker mix a splash of crème de cassis with 1 part Olmeca silver, lime
juice to taste and top up with 3 parts of spicy and sweet ginger ale. Shake with ice, pour in a long glass and heat the heart with this delicious cocktail.


Tequila Old Fashioned

Switch whiskey for Olmeca añejo and wow your friends with this tequila Old Fashioned – ideal throughout the year. To those concerned, there are no calories in a shot of tequila, and not many
more in the rest of this cocktail either. Add agave syrup with equal parts of Prosecco, a single dash of angostura bitters and serve on the rocks.
These are our top picks for classic and modern tequila cocktails, which can we serve you?