Are you looking for a tequila-themed tattoo? Perhaps to cement a memory of Mexico or a particular party or event you enjoyed with friends? We see no reason why you shouldn’t turn that memory into art, using your body as the canvas. Tattoo inspiration doesn’t get much better than this, and there is so much scope as to what you can do. Your tequila tattoo will be iconic and original, and here are some ideas you could consider.

Tequila Shooter

A tequila shot tattoo will give you the opportunity to really add some color to your tattoo. For example, you may want to have slices of lime coming off the shot glass with salt falling around it. Alternatively, you could have the glass, lime, and salt lined up and ready to go. Shots with tequila make for the best nights out, and give plenty of inspiration for tattoos. The pops of color you can add are a great way to show off those memories of the best shots you’ve taken with friends.

Tattoo artist drawing a tequila tattoo with a tattoo machine in a studio.


The Classic Tequila Bottle


If you prefer something a little more simple, yet just as visually appealing, ask your tattoo artist for a bottle of your favorite tequila. Just imagine how cool it would be to have a bottle of Olmeca tequila on your legs or arms. You can choose whether it is open or full, depending on what that memory represents to you. Because of the flexibility of a tequila bottle tattoo, you can have it anywhere on the body, with the details of your choice.

Agave Plant

For those looking for a slightly more abstract take on a Mexican or tequila-themed tattoo, why not consider the blue agave plant? This plant is every bit as iconic as the drink it is used to produce. It will also look fantastic on your body. Because of how iconic this plant is, you can use it to create a whole Mexican scene, or simply tattoo it on its own.
Mexican-inspired tattoos are a great choice for your next piece of body art, now, what will it be?