Have you ever heard of the Drunkard’s Prayer? You are not alone if you haven’t. That is because this is a small-town tradition, and one you’ll love hearing about. This prayer is to be uttered prior to sipping down on tequila shots specifically. When enjoying tequila, the prayer is designed to keep drinkers safe. This is one of those fun Mexican traditions that also highlights the close ties between religion and tequila. Let’s take a look at what the prayer is, and how it should be used.

shot of tequila avion with friends

The Correct Practice

Unsurprisingly the origins of this prayer come from the town of Tequila in the state of Jalisco. This is a town and state with a long history of high-quality tequila production and tradition. The correct practice starts with the Caballito cup. These have wide rims, perfect for a smooth drink of tequila. Now drinkers speak the prayer. This prayer, in theory, ensures the protection of the drinker’s organs should they imbibe excessively.

Modern Day Prayer

It is likely that this prayer for protection has been amended somewhat through the years. This is because the modern-day version features mentions of ‘The Hail Mary’ and ‘Our Father’. These are, of course, Catholic references. Catholicism didn’t arrive in Mexico until the 1521 Spanish conquest, however, and we know that tequila and this prayer existed beforehand. This prayer once mentioned the goddess of maguey ‘Mahuey’. The Aztecs likely created this prayer, which was then altered over the years.

If you want to know how to drink tequila just like they do in Jalisco, here are the steps to follow.

  • Pour out a shot of Olmeca tequila in a shot glass or Caballito
  • Speak the prayer to protect your body
  • Sip down in one gulp
  • Dance when the feeling takes you
  • Repeat as necessary

preparing olmeca tequila with a lemon slice

Here is the prayer you need to say:

Señor tú que eres ejemplo de bondad y nosotros somos tus muchachos, ya que nos hiciste tan borrachos, hágase tu voluntad, Ave María, yo no quería, Padre nuestro, que bueno está esto, bendito licor, dulce tormento, qué haces afuera, vamos para dentro. Dice el dicho que el que bebe se emborracha, el que se emborracha se duerme, el que se duerme no peca y el que no peca se va al cielo, entonces bebamos para que al cielo vayamos. Agua de las verdes matas, tú me tumbas tu me matas y a veces me haces andar a gatas”. Estiro el brazo, encojo el coro y a salud de todos me tomo todo. Dicen que si el agua destruye puentes y caminos que no hará con tus intestinos, por eso vale más morir borracho. Trago divino, trago adorado, cuida mi intestino, el grueso y el delgado.