Do you know what Cinco de Mayo is all about? In 1862, Mexican general Ignacio Zaragoza cemented a victory in the Battle of Puebla against… you know what, let’s leave the history lesson for another time because we want to concentrate on what Cinco de Mayo really means: Celebrating Mexico. On such a special Mexican occasion, it would be rude not to sink a little Olmeca Silver, or a lot of it for that matter. Grab a sombrero, an El Tri flag, and a bottle of Olmeca tequila, and we’ll show you how to really celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year.

What To Wear

If you’re going to or throwing a Cinco de Mayo party, you’ll need to ensure you have the right kit on. Fellas can go a little traditional here with a basic poncho and an oversized sombrero. Ponchos are great because they can be worn with something basic like jeans and a T-shirt underneath. For the ladies out there, it’s time to get colorful. Traditional clothing includes flouncy skirts, blouses, or a traditional Mexican Huipil dress. If you can’t get traditional clothing, make sure it’s floral and colorful, and you’ll fit right in at any party.
Ladies, put some flowers in your hair to set off the Mexican look.

5 de mayo party olmeca gold

What Music To Play

Some people like playing music like salsa and Banda at their Cinco de Mayo party, but that can be dull. Instead, celebrate the best of Mexico’s EDM with some of their top DJs. Here are some we recommend for a lit CDM party:

  • Mariana BO
  • Jessica Audiffred
  • Metrika
  • Noise Dimentionz
  • Rebolledo
  • Mariana Revilla

This is not a day for quiet relaxation or deep conversation. This celebration requires loud music, good vibes, hard beats, and plenty of tequila.

What to Drink

Now, on to the most important guest at Cinco de Mayo, Olmeca Tequila. Our tequila is ready-made to fuel events just like this. Because hard-partying calls for shots, here are some tequila-loaded recipes you can use to ensure that this Cinco de Mayo is your wildest yet.

Toma Shot

Slamming straight tequila during the daytime is a little too early to go hard, so why not set the day off with a Toma Shot? Mix equal parts tomato juice and Olmeca Silver, and add a splash of lime juice. Finish the mix off with a dash of Tabasco sauce for a tangy tequila drink to start your day.
– Don’t forget to rim the glass with salt; it tastes great and looks cool AF.

Pineapple Ritual

Looking for an exotic twist on this Mexican celebration day? If so, try our Pineapple Ritual. For this fruity shot, you need a bottle of our Olmeca Gold, a pineapple cube, Tabasco sauce, and some pineapple juice. We advise going 50-50 here with pineapple juice and tequila, but you can increase or reduce those tequila levels as the day progresses. Add a cube into a shot glass, mix the liquids, and pour it over.

pineapple ritual olmeca tequila shot

Tequila Slammer

Finally, opt for this OG shot if you prefer to keep it classic. Everyone says they’ve got the best tequila slammer recipe, but we prefer to keep it simple. Olmeca Silver is undoubtedly the best tequila for slammers; it’s clean and refreshing but doesn’t give you that nasty burn that cheap tequila can. To make these shots, take a lime wedge, run it around the rim, and squeeze a little into a shot glass. Now, dip the rim in salt, and fill that baby up to the top with tequila.

Given that Cinco de Mayo is all about Mexico, it is especially important that you load up on tequila, and these shots will be the perfect way to do just that.