Few alcoholic drinks have had the global impact which tequila has. This Mexican spirit has changed cultures, created memories, and improved the quality of cocktails across the world. Not only this, but tequila has had a major impact on multiple genres of music. Tequila and music are an ideal marriage of course. Whether soothing the soul or elevating energy, these two work in perfect harmony to achieve it during an event. Such is the breadth of genres impacted by the drink, tequila parties could feature any range of music styles. With that in mind, let’s look at which music has been most affected by tequila.

VIP and Electronica

Music festivals were once muddy and edgy affairs, something the average concert-goer is now less interested in, especially electronic music lovers. The result has been an increase in VIP music festivals, aimed at the refined music lover. These fans want space, comfort, and great drinks when they attend an EDM event. In recent years we have seen these events dominated by tequila brands and their products. Selling luxury shots and quality tequila cocktails to those getting on down to the hottest DJs. Tequila brings the energy that anyone attending an EDM festival needs.

a young woman with a tequila drink dancing at summer festival

Tequila in Hiphop

Traditionally Hiphop artists would drink and promote brands like Champagne and Brandy. That, however, was before top-quality tequila took over the rap game. Hip Hop superstars like Diddy, E-40, and Jeezy have all invested their money in VIP tequila in recent years. Rappers don’t just invest, of course, they also name-drop brands in songs. This is also what has helped to shift the focus in hip-hop culture, towards tequila.


It is not just modern music which has been inspired and moved by this spirit. In fact, tequila and culture have long influenced each other, and Danzon is a perfect example of this. This is the official musical genre of Cuba, heard throughout the streets of Havana and beyond, even today. Whilst Cuba may be closely associated with rum, tequila has also found its place in the nation’s hearts. On any given morning in Havana, you will find Danzon-style dance in the streets, alongside vendors selling tequila coffee. Artists sing about the spirit and tequila in turn fuels the Danzon events, a great combination.

For Those Who Rock

And finally, those grisly rockers who became refined drinkers instead of slugging liters of bourbon. From Dave Grohl to Metallica, tequila has managed to overtake whiskey as the rockers’ drink of choice. Not only are more bands and singers enjoying a classy tequila after a show, some like AC/DC are even investing in their own.

rock guitarist at a concert
Much like music, tequila is at home in either a VIP or a party environment. These examples showcase just how big an impact tequila has made on a wide array of musical genres.