Who’s ready for some summer fun? The warm weather is here, and it’s time for pool parties, outdoor raves, festivals, concerts, and a calendar full of events with your friends. Now, what could make each of these events even better? Tequila shots, of course. The famed Mexican spirit will pump energy into your parties, inspire conversation, and get everyone dancing to whatever music is pumping. This year, Olmeca tequila asks you to go beyond the classic salt and lime combo this summer because tequila shots can be so much more.

The best tequila shot for your summer plans is one that you can make at home with just a few key ingredients. Mixing tequila shots at home is a lot of fun, and you can create great-tasting and even better-looking shooters for your squad. Whether you’re chilling in the yard, hitting a festival, or planning a night out for the ages, here are the tequila shooters that everyone will love.

The Changing Face of The Tequila Shot

There is nothing wrong with the classic tequila shot with a lick of salt and a chomp of lime, but we can do much more. In recent years, we have seen many bars and clubs get super creative when designing new tequila shots. Not only does the new variety of shots pack in more flavors, but they look colorful and cool, too.

When looking for the best shot for your event, first consider the theme. This way, you can whip up the perfect shooter that everyone will love and one that will mark the occasion. Tequila shots are great for all occasions, but selecting the best creative shot will improve the day or night.

Green Shot

The green shot is a crowd favorite with equal measures of tasty flavors, nutrients, and aesthetic appeal. Mix two parts of Olmeca Plata with one part of apple juice and rim it with fresh lime juice.

Best shot for: Any occasion, morning, noon, or night. This shot will give you a buzz and a little healthy boost too.

Amber Blade

This shot is sure to wow guests because of its incredible flavors and visual appearance. Mix 10ml of Olmeca Plata, strawberry liqueur, and orange juice before topping up with sparkling wine for a foamy flavor.

Best shot for: Kicking off a house party in style and with a touch of class.


Olmeca’’s Shot-Rise

If you’re looking for a tequila shot that will wow your friends, this is the one! Taking inspiration from the iconic Tequila Sunrise long drink, the shot-rise is a stunner to look at. Mixing up Olmeca tequila with freshly squeezed orange juice and tasty cherries. The flavor of this shot is incredible, and the red and orange sunburst color is spectacular.

Best shot for: Daytime parties and as your final drink in the wee small hours.

Pineapple Ritual

If you’re looking for something with a touch of tang and fire, seek no more because Olmeca’s Pineapple Ritual delivers on both fronts. Blend equal amounts of Olmeca Reposado with pineapple juice, adding a splash of Tabasco sauce to keep things spicy.

Best shot for: Beach parties, outdoor gatherings, and festival sunsets.

Olmeca tequila best shots for the summer

Rim of Fire

Olmeca’s Rim of Fire is one for the risk-takers: a fiery shot with layers of sweet and spicy flavors. Rim a shot glass with candy chili powder, fill it ¾ with Olmeca Reposado, and top it up with lime juice and a couple of drops of Tabasco.

Best shot for: Raves and house parties, just as midnight creeps up, to inject some serious life back into the fiesta.


Toma Shot

This is one for the spice lovers: tequila, tomato juice, lime, and Tabasco—fiery! This Olmeca tequila shot is so moreish that you will have to ensure that you mix up a big batch for your event. Mix Olmeca Plata with tomato juice, a dash of Tabasco, and lime juice. Rim a Caballito glass with salt and fill it with the mixture.

Best shot for: Early afternoon drinking by the pool with your nearest and dearest.

Shaking Up the Scene: Modern Mixology Trends

There are no more rules when mixing up cocktails. Gone are the stuffy limitations, and in their place is a world of options and flavors that you can play around with. If you plan a fiesta and want to set it off, shaking up some basic and tasty shots is the perfect way to kick it off. To help you out, here are some trends that you could include when making those epic tequila shots.

Having Fun With It

Today’s Tequila mixology is about pushing your creative boundaries by focusing on the flavors you love. This is why so many tequila lovers mix up shots at home. It’s no longer just a party spirit but a key ingredient in many delicious shots. Make no mistake, though, if you want to set your party on the right track, a bottle of Olmeca is where it should begin!

Bright and Exciting Colors

Forget the basic shots with tequila—today’s cocktail-making is about adding a trendier touch and using bright colors with syrups and mixers. After all, why shouldn’t our tequila shots look every bit as good as we do?

Think funky shots that look like a sunrise, a Mexican flag, electric blue, or even shocking pink shots. Every color you could think of is possible when creating a great-tasting shot that looks super cool in your hand.

Olmeca tequila silver pool flat

Mini Mix Ups

Drinking shots doesn’t mean you have to leave those long tequila drinks you love behind; about mini versions of long cocktails? Here, you can twist classic whisky and gin cocktails to include tequila. Simply reduce the measures of your fave cocktail mixers, keep it tequila-heavy, then line up the tequila shooters and get loose. These short takes on classic cocktails are perfect for those looking to load up the shots for a house party.

A Touch of Inspiration

When you look at many of these shots, they can appear complex to make. The reality, in fact, is that the shots we have shared require just a couple of ingredients that are easy to find. Once your bar is stacked with Olmeca tequila and some everyday mixers, you have all you need to create magic. Alternatively, you can create your very own shots with Olmeca based on the flavors you adore.

Remember, there are no rules when making your own shots. Olmeca tequila combines well with a wide variety of flavors, so go and have some fun with it. Get the squad over, crack open a bottle, and see who comes up with the tastiest party tequila shot.

Level Up Your Tequila Game

Over the years, tequila has transformed from a sipped drink to a party shooter, and now the shot game has reached new levels. Modern mixology is all about creativity and experimentation, and tequila is at the forefront of this exciting trend. With fresh techniques, bold ingredients, and quality brands like Olmeca, the tequila scene has never been better. So grab your shaker, explore new flavors, and let Olmeca tequila take you and your mixologist dreams to incredible places!