Are you ready to get into the loving mood with Olmeca Tequila this Feb 14th? If so, then we have some epic plans for how you can throw a party even Cupid and Eros wouldn’t miss. Whether in love, out of love, or looking for love, we have all the details you will need to throw a heart-thumping bash for the ages. Read on to find out what you’ll need to turn up the passion and get lit this Feb 14th. We’ll give you the heads-up right now: you’ll need plenty of Olmeca to make the best tequila shots for this fiesta, so grab a bottle and read on for the perfect party prep.

Tequila Tasting and Mexican Themes

Let’s kick off this passionate party plan with the right fuel: tequila. We suggest you buckle up for a thrilling tequila tasting this Valentine’s Day. Beyond the sharing nature of tequila shooters, they are also the perfect option for Valentine’s Day drinking games. Pair up the party emblem of Olmeca tequilas with wild love tales or quirky themes. From the cheeky vibes of our Tequila Silver to the more sophisticated charm of Añejo, let the spirits sweep your guests on a rollercoaster of taste and emotion.
We have some of the best tequila shot recipes for you coming up. They are easy to make and sure to light a fire under everyone’s heart.

Mexican Fiesta Mania: Bursting Colors, Flavors, and Passion

Dive into the fiesta fever! Besides this being a love party, let’s not forget the spirit of Mexico fueling the events. Think Reds, pinks, and gold that will dance across the rooms.

Cupid’s Cocktail Carnival

Crank up the cocktail shenanigans with a tequila mixology station. To concoct love-infused tequila shots, arm your guests with fresh fruits, herbs, and mixers. Stir up some excitement amongst the guests with these moreish Olmeca shottails. Try them all and let the guests pick their best shot for love.

Naughty, Nice and All Things Spice – The Jalapeño Shot

This spicy shot packs in jalapeños with Olmeca Gold and a dash of lime juice for a hard-hitting shooter.

A Fruity Kind of Love – The Amber Blade

Love can be a real blend of emotions that come together in perfect harmony, just like the flavors of our Amber Blade match that perfectly.


The Dawn of Love – Olmeca Shot-Rise

This miniature version of a tequila sunrise is the perfect shot for this kind of fiesta. Celebrate love with Olmeca Silver, orange juice, and red cherry syrup.

man preparing shots of olmeca gold tequila at a-party on valentines day


Shot the Heart – The Green Shot

Need a healthy shot to boost your quest for love? Try our green shot with Olmeca Silver, apple, or cucumber juice and a splash of lime.

Burning Passion – The Rim of Fire

Embrace the heat of passion with our Rim of Fire, not for the faint-hearted. Mix Olmeca Gold with Tabasco Sauce and lime juice in a glass rimmed with chili for this one. Expect tongues of fire!

Getting Your Food Game On Point

Your guests will need some food, but let’s keep things informal here. We’re thinking of something to be shared and eaten with fingers only. Give the guests some tapas dishes like citrus ceviche to tequila-lime shrimp skewers. You could also go for mini-tacos or a dirty big bowl of nachos to devour. These dishes work perfectly with our tequila shot recipes. The way to someone’s heart is often through their stomach, so be sure to lay on a feast.

Bringing The Party To Life

Now that the food and drinks are all sorted let’s dive into some themes that will bring even more heat to the fiesta. With love being the main focus, try some options to unite guests.

Sexy Art and Brushing Love on Canvas

Instead of painting the town, why not go for a sip-and-paint party as your Valentine’s Day theme? Equip your spot with wall canvases, give out brushes and vibrant paint colors, and let everyone cut loose. As the tequila and conversation flow, watch how your guests will collaborate on some love-inspired urban art.

Romantic Rooftop Tequila Sunset

If you have the option, why not open the rooftop and take your party to the stars? Imagine watching the sunset with the crew, downing tequila with the sun, and creating a romantic atmosphere under the stars. Then, get the sound system booming and dance with those you love under the moon. Set up some cool seating, throw up fairy lights, and serve tequila shots until the sun rises again; now there’s a party.

Melting Hearts and Dancefloors With Decorations

Now, let us get to one of the most critical components of this fiesta: the tunes! Here are a few options for your hot, romantic, and passionate fiesta.

Tequila and EDM, Smooth Spirits, Hot Vibes

Set your Valentine’s Day mood with smooth, deep house vibes. Dim the lights, move the furniture out of the way, and turn it up. Once the sun has set, go harder with some EDM that will have everyone in each other’s arms, tearing it up.
Here are some tunes we’d suggest to keep the love vibes going and the dancefloor full.

Real Love – Martin Garrix
All For Love – Felix Jaeh
Would You Lie? – Seeb
Drip – Paul Damixie
Sometimes – Jealous Friends

Love on the Rocks: Rock ‘n’ Roll Tequila Rave

Bring a rebellious edge to your celebration with a rock ‘n’ roll-inspired tequila rave—deck out the venue with leather, studs, and bold red accents. Shake up tequila cocktails with rock-themed names, and blast a playlist of classic and modern rock some love ballads for an edgy and unforgettable night.

valentines- day theme party with friends and olmeca silver tequila shots

Masks, Mystique, and Margaritas

Valentine’s Day ideas aren’t much better than bringing an air of mischief into your party with a masquerade ball — oooh, mysterious! Encourage guests to wear chic masks, creating an atmosphere of anonymity everyone will love. Craft some of our tequila shots, which offer a hint of mystique, and then see where the night takes you.


Tequila Bottle Boogie

A great idea for Valentine’s Day decorations is to take used Olmeca tequila bottles. Turn these bad boys into the party decor as stylish centerpieces. Besides, you can add fairy lights and jazz them up with romantic quotes or quirky custom labels. Witness the birth of a dazzling display that showcases the cool design on a bottle of Olmeca tequila.

Tequila Shot Glass Shuffle

Transform shot glasses into party VIPs with personalized names or cheeky love messages. Let each glass be a companion in toasting to love, friendship, and all the epic adventures of a tequila-infused celebration.

Interactive Shenanigans: Games and Beyond

And finally, it is time to add some real pizza to your Valentine’s Day party with cheeky games. Try these little adventures on for size, and turn the heat up with fun and tequila.

Tequila Pong Frenzy

Kick beer pong to the curb and welcome tequila pong into your perfect party. Swap out beer cups for shot glasses and watch the competition and togetherness reach new heights—spice things up with creative rules for missed shots or triumphant bounces. Not only will the smaller shot glasses pose more of a challenge, but the victory will taste so much sweeter.

Tequila-Style Charades

Turn up the laughter with tequila-infused charades. Generate a list of romantic movie titles, love-themed phrases, or infamous couples. Watch your guests act out these hilarious clues, with those guessing right invited to take their favorite tequila shot.

Tequila Shot Bingo

Combine the thrill of bingo with the sass of tequila tasting. Craft bingo cards featuring different types of Olmeca tequila with different flavor profiles. As guests sample each tequila, let them mark off their cards, adding an element of competition and exploration to the festivities. You can have so much fun with this and add an element of coupling up in teams if you wish.

Laugh and Laughter As Long As The Night Goes On

As you dive headfirst into this tequila-infused Valentine’s Day, remember that every detail, from themed decorations to interactive games, contributes to creating unforgettable memories. Elevate your celebration beyond the ordinary, and let the notion of tequila be the spark that ignites a genuinely unique Valentine’s Day. Here’s to glasses raised high, and a celebration as extraordinary as your love! Let’s go get it with friends and new lovers this Valentine’s Day.