Street art is the ultimate form of cultural expression whereby artists use the world around them as the ultimate inspiration before reflecting their reality with murals that light up cities across Mexico and the world beyond. Now, what does this have to do with tequila? A great deal. In truth, agave spirits, tequila shots, and famous brands like Olmeca tequila are intertwined with Mexican street art. From Mexico City to Guadalajara, Monterrey to Puebla, few cities in the world light up with the bright colors of street art like Mexico’s, and tequila plays a fundamental role in so much of the inspiration.

Let’s dive deeper into the vibrant street art scene, its relationship with agave spirits, and why you should incorporate tequila and graffiti at your next Mexican fiesta.

Why Urban Art Captures The Spirit of Tequila

Tequila was not always for young, party-loving, dancefloor-stomping, YOLO-spirited youth who have embraced street art for years, but it has always been used for expression, be it of sadness, resilience, or celebration. In this aspect, tequila very much embodies the spirit of those urban artists who cover our cities in color, and we can see how parallels are drawn between the two.

Street art has that fun-loving, rebellious, and bold essence to it, in the same way that the culture around tequila does. It makes sense that both of these worlds collide in an explosion of creativity and passion.

Spraying Tequila All Over The Place

When it comes to street art, however, tequila is not only celebrated by this fashionable scene because it is a cool party drink. In fact, tequila represents the heart of Mexican culture, past and present, and that is why some of the coolest spray-can maestros use tequila as a central theme. Street artists use tequila as a theme in their work due to its cultural symbolism, bright-colored aesthetics, and its association with loving life.

Now, you may not consider tequila as being particularly colorful, but the culture surrounding it lends itself to nothing but a bright kaleidoscope. Let’s start with its production, the bold blue agave that is chopped down and roasted in a bright, fiery oven to create the shots we all love. Think about the landscape where the plant grows and the colors worn by those who work the land. Finally, consider how this spirit makes you feel and adds brightness and color to any party or club you are in. This is why street artists can add a range of tones to their tequila-inspired daubings.

Street art, like parties, should never be dull; with the injection of tequila, everything gets brighter.

young woman holds Olmeca Tequila silver bottle at a party

The Best In The Business Embracing Agave Spirits

One of the best places on Earth to view this wave of ‘Agave Expressionism’ is in Mexico City, the epicenter of the nation’s cool credentials. Artists and party lovers arrive here from the rest of the country and beyond to tap into the city’s relentlessly beating pulse. The capital is home to some of the wildest EDM events, club nights, and DJ showcases, not to mention the hottest urban street art scene in Latin America. Tequila is loved by those getting loose in the club and by these outstanding urban artists.

The Top Tequila

The name says it all for this cool street art collective consisting of Koka, Kuek Glez, and Alter Os y Sekta. The group has left some spectacular murals across CDMX, inspired by the iconic Mexican spirit, amongst other aspects of the culture. The Top Tequila takes on just about any type of expression, from Mexican heritage to political expression. It regularly utilizes symbolic icons like agave plants to showcase the celebration of their roots.


LELO is a street artist from Mexico who has gained a massive following for his vivid and colorful artwork. The worldview of native towns inspires his artwork and incorporates elements of his identity, too. This celebration of small towns and youthful energy lends itself perfectly to the celebration of agave spirits like tequila. The artist celebrates spiritual characters, something the mythology around tequila has done for generations. He uses street art and graffiti to express himself and build a universal language everyone understands.


Spaik45 is a well-known, super-cool, and highly talented Mexican street artist celebrated for painting everyday Mexicans — particularly the campesinos. When it comes to tequila, no other artist fuses the traditions of its production and the bright colors associated with tequila shooters quite like him. He paints the tough realities of their lives and the beauty of their traditions and creations. Using bright colors, textures, and patterns, Spaik’s murals honor native and rural Mexicans. Drawing from the past and looking toward the future, these murals perfectly showcase the modern Mexican identity.

Embrace The Energy of Tequila’s Urban Vibe

The relationship between street art and tequila is a two-way street. We have even seen top tequila brands being inspired by urban art. Take the Olmeca tequila logo as an example, a graffiti-inspired representation of the Olmec colossal head. This is great for those selling the spirit, but what about those of you who love to drink it? How can you embrace this marriage of art and tequila? Why not use it to take your next Mexican fiesta to the next level?

Picture the scene where you invite friends to a Mexican party extravaganza, complete with the best tequila shots and banging Latin beats, all with a graffiti twist. Your friends may expect a trip down Mexico’s memory lane, but that is not where this party is heading. Using some of the best tequila shot recipes for inspiration and encouraging them to let their creative juices run wild; you can set the scene for some artistic expression. You never know; get the right tunes and the perfect shots, and your friends may very well show that they, too, have an artistic skill they never knew about. Let’s look at what shots with tequila you can prepare and how to lay out the perfect canvas for your guests.

Urban Art Inspiration

What is the best way to add the street art vibe to your fiesta? Begin with the decorations. Here, you could print out some of the coolest tequila-inspired murals and add them to the walls. Alternatively, you could get creative and tag your own blank canvases to bring the urban vibe. To truly embrace that social element, however, we recommend hanging canvases on the walls for your party. Then, simply hand out some spray cans to your guests. As tequila flows, see what your guests design as they collab to create the perfect memory of a great night.

woman holds spray to perform urban art on wall

Tequila To Fuel Inspiration

If you’re inspiring the guests to create, you should get innovative yourself when making shots. To do just that, here are some of the best tequila shot recipes you can try out.

Olmeca’s Shotrise

If we’re talking colors and boldness, you cannot go wrong with the gorgeous-looking and super-delicious Shot-Rise. Mix fresh orange juice with Olmeca Silver and a shot of Grenadine for this shot. The result is a tasty and beautiful mixed shot to inject some creativity.

Jalapeño Shot

Spice and Fire; what better concoction to get your guests fired up for some graffiti fun? Simply add Olmeca Reposado into a shot glass with a toasted, sliced jalapeño for a shot like no other. Stoke the fires in your guests’ hearts with this moreish shot from Olmeca.

Rim of Fire

Keep things spicy with this flavorful, hot, and acidic shooter, using Olmeca reposado, Tabasco sauce, and lime juice. Rim the shot glass with candy chili powder for that sweet, fiery kick.

Pineapple Shot

Your guests will need a vitamin boost between dancing and drawing, just what they can count on with our pineapple shot. Fresh, nutrient-rich pineapple juice blended with Olmeca silver and lime juice, garnished with a wedge of freshly cut pineapple. Here you have a perfectly balanced shot to inspire any party.

There you have it, exactly why the harmony between tequila and urban art is so strong, and how you can embrace this relationship to throw a creative fiesta for the ages.