We all love a party but when booze gets involved, there is always the chance of things going too far. Sometimes embarrassingly so. Have you been there before? Falling over, spilling secrets to the wrong person, or worse, getting behind the wheel. It can happen to the best of us, and we must learn from our mistakes. Understanding how to drink responsibly is key to having the best parties. It will also help you to avoid that guilt-filled ridicule the following day. Drinks like Olmeca tequila can bring life to the party but you must treat it well. Do this and the only thing you’ll have the morning after are tired dancing legs and great memories.

Here are some tips for drinking alcohol in a responsible way.

Load The Belly

Let’s get scientific. The alcohol we drink, 85% of it at least, is absorbed in the small intestine, after passing through the stomach. From the small intestine, it goes to the bloodstream, where the effects of alcohol kick in. Still with us? Great. Drinking on an empty stomach speeds up the rate at which alcohol hits you, which is why you gotta make sure you’ve loaded up on some food first. Fill the stomach and the alcohol will be absorbed more slowly into the bloodstream. This means you can enjoy a party, without turning into a hot mess after only a couple of drinks.

man dancing at a party and enjoying the party safely

Party With Good Company

Have you felt peer pressure while drinking before? Have you stayed out much longer than you wanted for this reason and paid the price? The reality is that those who push you to drink that extra shot or cocktail, may not be your ideal party friends. We all have different limits, know yours, and party with people who respect them.

Hitting The Hard Stuff

Big parties generally start with sipping slow and steady until someone orders the first round of shooters. Stronger spirits can definitely put a smile on your face, but go too hard and things can go bad pretty quickly. The good news is that you can drink tequila safely, and the same goes for vodka and gin. The key is moderation and drinking a lower percentage drink for the most part. Use a shooter like an event, let it turbocharge the moment, not the entire evening.

group of friends having fun and drinking a cocktail prepared with olmeca tequila while dancing.

Hydration With Moderation

Moderating your drinks will help you to keep a level head, but the angel of your night will be the ice juice. Ensuring you continue to drink water through the night may see you head to the bathroom often, but you’ll be grateful the next day. The main symptoms you feel during those awful hangovers are caused by dehydration. Essentially alcohol forces liquid out of your body quicker than normal. Staying topped up on the H²0 will aid you in continuing to rehydrate the body. Another neat feature of drinking water while partying is that you’ll feel fuller, and probably drink less alcohol as a result.

Much of this comes down to facing up to what your limits are and taking action to help you moderate your intake. You could set alarms telling you to go home, ask friends to support you, or even write a little note on your hand to your future drunk self. They may not like it but sober you will be eternally grateful.