Planning a party and looking to blow your guests away? Unsure what drinks to serve on the big night? Don’t fear, we’ve got you covered, and the answer you seek is tequila. They say that you can’t please people all of the time, and this may be true. In a party situation, however, that is exactly what tequila cocktails and shots will ensure. This flexible drink can be prepared in all manner of ways, ideal for putting smiles on your guest’s faces, regardless of their tastes. With these sweet tequila recipes, it won’t matter what type of guest arrives on your big night.

The Guest Who’s Not Too Sure

Some think tequila is not for them, usually because they imagine coarse shooters that burn the throat. For such a guest, a simple Paloma will convince them otherwise. The Paloma Refrescante is made using silver Olmeca tequila, fresh lime juice, and lastly, some grapefruit soda. The tequila flavor is subtle, the lime is refreshing and grapefruit juice cocktails never fail to leave the mouth filled with flavor.

shots and drinks with friends at a house party

The True Party Animal

For a tequila lover who just wants to light the party up, you need to take things next level. This calls for a Banderita, 3 shooters that depict the colors of the Mexican flag. Take two 50ml shot glasses and add 20ml of tequila to each. Top glass one up with tomato juice; in glass two, add pure lime juice and garnish the rim of each with salt. Finally, add a single shot of tequila to complete the flag’s colors. Finally, be sure to use Plata (Silver) Tequila to perfectly represent that white stripe.

The One With a Sweet Tooth

Sweetness with tequila? You betcha. For the guest with a sweet tooth, a Chocolate Margarita or even a Chocolate Tequila Milkshake will keep them tipsy and satisfied. To make this sweet tequila cocktail mix, chocolate liqueur, ice, Olmeca tequila (Plata), orange juice, a touch of cream, and finally, some fresh lime juice. Lastly, blend the mixture, rim a glass with cocoa powder and serve up the sweetness to your guests.

The Classy One Amongst You

For those with a sense of style and decorum, the tequila Old Fashioned will suit them well. This twist on a classic oozes class, and can also pack a punch. Shake up a mixture of tequila, agave syrup, and Angosturas bitters to form the base of the cocktail. In a whisky glass, pour the mixture over an ice rock and add a burnt orange peel at the final moment, class, sass, and tequila at its most delicious.

people dancing at a party

The Experimental Adventurer

We all know that person who loves to try something new, and Flaming Lime Drops could be just the ticket they are looking for. Take your cocktail shaker and mix tequila with triple sec, white rum, a sugar cube, and as much lime juice as you can squeeze. Next, add lime rinds to the mixture as you shake to elevate the flavor. Strain the mixture into a shot glass and take that guest on the adventure of a lifetime. Sweet, sour, strong and so very moreish.

Those Looking To Get Fruity

And finally, we have a bomb of flavor for those who like to get fruity. The Tequila Sunrise is a timeless classic and a summer party is an ideal environment in which to enjoy it. Grab a highball glass and pour a layer of tequila, add crushed ice and top up with fresh orange juice. Next, drizzle grenadine, and serve with a cherry on top. The grenadine will sink to the bottom before gloriously rising like the morning sun.
Using these tequila recipes, you most certainly can please everyone at your next party.