Because of its history, pairing food with alcohol conjures images of fine dining and pricy menus. This is all well and good, but can you party whilst enjoying well-matched food and drink? You most certainly can, and tequila pairing is the answer. Because of the complexities in the Mexican spirit’s flavors, many snacks pair superbly. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the best dishes to pair with tequila at your next party.

Steak Sliders With Añejo

Sliders are a great snack to prepare for any party, simple to make, and easy to eat. The richness of good quality beef pairs perfectly with a deep-flavored tequila like Olmeca Añejo. This is a match made in heaven that will tickle your tastebuds and leave you more than satisfied.

Pairing Tips: Using black Angus or Wagyu beef ensures less fat and more flavor which works better with such a full-bodied tequila.

big dinner with snacks tequila and friends

White Fish With Silver Tequila

Looking at preparing snacks for your tequila party? Cod bites or pan-fried sardines are ideal choices, even scampi would work well. White fish and a shot of Olmeca Silver tequila are the perfect duo for this kind of occasion. Silver tequila offers sweetness and light citrus notes, helping to elevate the naturally light flavors of white fish.

Pairing Tips: Be generous with lemon and lime juice, both in the drink and on your fish, so you can create a more powerful flavour.

Spicy Wings With Reposado

Chicken wings have long been a party favorite. This is because they are ideal for sharing, tasty, and easy to devour. Everyone has their go-to wing sauce of course, but if you are pairing, we recommend lots of spice with an Olmeca Reposado shot. Take things as spicy as you can, the more intense the better. The smoothness of the oak-aged tequila will tone down that heat and create fireworks on your tongue.

Pairing Tips: Drums are better than flats here because you want a good chunk of chicken to soak up those earthy tequila tones.

taco with meat

Beef Jerky With Silver Tequila

Too busy dancing to have a sit-down snack? Beef jerky strips are for you, paired with a shot or Margarita of crisp Olmeca Silver. The liquid of the tequila can soften the jerky and enhance the flavor because of the tequila’s sweet taste. Jerky is packed with nutrients too, just what you’ll need to keep your energy levels for the dance floor.

Pairing Tip: Look for flavored jerkies such as peri-peri or smoky BBQ because those flavors contrast with silver tequila, creating a new and delicious flavor.

Tacos With Tequila

And finally, we have tacos, the king of all snacks. These little parcels can be filled with a range of ingredients such as fish, meat, and vegetables too. Fish and chicken tacos for silver tequila; beef with añejo or pork and lamb with a smooth Olmeca Reposado. Tacos allow you to be as creative as you want to be with this perfect pairing combo.

Pairing Tip: Be sure to load your tacos with lots of fresh lime, onion, and cilantro so that you can deliver the perfect compliment to the tequila.
We’d love to hear from you, which combination did you decide on for your tequila pairing party?