At what kind of party do you get the tequila out? So many of you love to drink this delicious Mexican spirit at raves and EDM events, and we get it. After all, the best cocktails taste so much better when you have some hard-hitting music to dance and party to. The marriage between a good cocktail tequila like Olmeca and the dance music scene is perfect. Both EDM and tequila get your heart going, put a smile on your face, and help you to cut loose.

We believe that there is a tequila cocktail for every occasion. And for each type of electronic music too. No matter which genre of electronic music you enjoy, we have the ideal cocktail for you. Read on to discover the perfect long tequila drink for the music that gets you going.



For you ravers out there, lapping up the 150 bpm, melodic trance beats, you’ll need something refreshing and hydrating for a lengthy party. Like to let your limbs fly loosely around the party to the likes of Armand Van Burren and Ferry Corsten? A coconut margarita is the perfect dance partner. Mix Olmeca Silver with crushed ice, Grand Marnier and Coconut Milk to make this delicious cocktail. This will fuel you up, cool you down, and get you back on the dancefloor in time for the drop.


Drum and Bass

Drum and bass is music that energizes both your heart and your head. Stomping basslines and hard-hitting drums and electrifying synths, does it get much better? We’ve chosen the Paloma for the ideal cocktail to drink along with Drum and Bass tunes. Because of its refreshing qualities of course. Hearing the likes of Sub Focus, Roni Size, and High Contrast all night can leave you longing for refreshment. That’s exactly why this classic tequila cocktail fits the bill. With Olmeca tequila in your glass, mixed up with fresh grapefruit juice and lime wedges, you’ll be revitalized in no time. The blend of vitamins, freshness, and delicious tequila will keep you stomping the dancefloor all night.

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Dubstep parties are wild, energetic and make for the perfect environment for some delicious tequila shots with friends. Take a break from those zany 2-step rhythms and head to the bar for a cucumber shot cocktail that will help recharge the batteries. Ask the bartender to mix up some Olmeca Gold, and add in some cucumber pulp, and some fresh lime juice. Pour this wellness juice into a shot, gather your friends around, and pour it down the hatch. Skrillex bangers and cucumber tequila shots surprisingly go hand-in-hand!



Whether you are banging techno beats at home with your buddies, or living it up in the club, something sweet and moreish will be the ideal drink for this music. Step forward the Pineapple Ritual, a shot cocktail that is every bit as exciting in your mouth as the music is to your ears. Shake up some Olmeca Reposado with a freshly cut pineapple triangle and a dash of Tabasco. The acidic pineapple with the spicy tabasco, blended with tasty tequila, will blow your mind and your tastebuds.


UK Garage

UK garage heads love the combination of dancehall beats, vibing away on top of urban influences. This calls for a unique cocktail that you are unlikely to find elsewhere. We can’t think of a better option than the sweet, stunning, lip-smacking Olmeca Chocolate Milkshake cocktail.

Back in the day people didn’t think you could take jungle records and slow them down over urban beats, but garage showed just how it was possible. Chocolate tequila has done the same thing, mixing two flavors few would dare to try, and the result is epic! Turn up the MJ Cole, Craig David, and Artful Dodger, and gather some chocolate ice cream, milk, and Olmeca chocolate tequila. Blend this sweetness bomb, and add a touch of whipped cream on top. Drink and music combos don’t get much better than this.

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Are you more of a hardcore EDM fan? Someone who loves the punk vibe from electronic music artists? We know your type, and we also know just what tequila drink is going to give you the extra buzz that you need to go crazy to. Hardcore is defined by hard beats, interspersed with disco and funk variations that are simply irresistible. For this kind of party, you’ll need to keep your strength up. This is exactly why we recommend the simple yet delicious orange tequila shot. Mix up 1 oz of Olmeca tequila with the same volume of fresh orange juice to make this sweet shooter. The orange tequila shot is an efficient way to keep your levels high throughout the night, fresh, sharp, and oozing with flavor.



We’ve mostly covered the hi-energy genres here, but what about those who like it a little slower? If you enjoy a slower night with dream-like trip-hop and lo-fi beats, don’t worry as we haven’t forgotten you. Slower music calls for a long, slow-sipping drink. The Olmeca Tequila Sunrise is something of a throwback drink, an ideal combo with some Bristolian originality. Spin some Massive Attack, dust off Maxinquaye, and get the cocktail shaker for a great night with friends.

Mix a cup and a half of Olmeca Silver with the same amount of orange juice before adding a quarter cup of grenadine and the juice of two limes. Load up a shaker with ice, add the mixture, and shake it like you’re playing maracas for Morcheeba. Rack up the high balls, call your friends, and pour through a strainer for a refreshing cocktail during your chilled-out party.

As you can see, no matter what your fave genre of electronic music may be, there is a cocktail that perfectly fits. Tequila is the perfect drink for dancing and partying to great music with your friends. Take any EDM party up a few notches, with these awesome cocktails.