What about bucking the trends this Valentine’s Day and doing something just a little different? Are you in? Sure, you could go down the traditional route of fancy restaurants, flowers, and sweet nothings, but that’s a little cliché for our liking. Olmeca Tequila represents tradition with a modern, fun, and altogether improved twist, and that’s what we think your February 14th should look like. Sounds good? If so, then read on for some exciting, off-the-beaten-path Valentine’s Day ideas that you can engage in with your loved one.

The key to a memorable Valentine is, of course, love. Have fun in your own way, inspired by delicious tequila shots, kisses, and smiles. Now that sounds like our kind of Valentine’s Day.


Let’s Go Tequila Tasting

All the very best events begin with tequila, right? Then, this is exactly where we’ll begin, albeit with a twist. We don’t just want you to only taste silver, reposado, and añejo tequila, but rather different types of shots with tequila. A blind taste test is a great idea here. There is so much that you can do with a tequila shot beyond salt and lime, and we have some of the best tequila shot recipes around. These are simple to make and full of flavor. Take turns making the shots and then tasting blindfold to see if you can guess the contents.

Here are some of the best that you could consider mixing up for your night of passion:

Olmeca’s Shotrise

Watch your love dawn with the beautiful-looking and super-delicious Shot-Rise. Mix fresh orange juice with Olmeca Silver and a bit of Grenadine. The result is a tasty and beautiful mixed shot to inject some creativity and some mystique for your date.

Jalapeño Shot

Spice and Fire; what better concoction to get your Valentine’s night going? Simply add Olmeca Reposado into a shot glass with a toasted, sliced jalapeño for a shot to get the juices flowing. Stoke the fires in your hearts with this hot shot from Olmeca.

Rim of Fire

Keep things passionate with this spicy, hot, and acidic tequila shot, using Olmeca reposado, Tabasco sauce, and lime juice. Rim the shot glass with candy chili powder for that sweet, fiery kick. Remember, if they guess correctly, a kiss is theirs!

Pineapple Shot

Your lover will need a vitamin boost to make the most of Valentine’s night, just what they can count on with a pineapple shot. Fresh, nutrient-rich pineapple juice blended with Olmeca silver and lime juice, garnished with a wedge of freshly cut pineapple. This is the best shot for tangy, tasty, and tequila-heavy shooting.

Geocaching Adventure To Find Tequila Treasure

Embark on a geocaching adventure, a modern-day treasure hunt using GPS coordinates. Create a list of quirky and personalized clues about your relationship that lead to hidden treasures. Perhaps a bottle of Olmeca with shot glasses, hidden under the plants for a night of garden shooters? Venture out together, follow the GPS, and see what delights you can find. This outdoor activity adds an element of excitement and exploration to Valentine’s Day, making it an unconventional yet thrilling experience.

Artistic Expression Night

Channel your inner artist by organizing a night dedicated to creative expression. Set up a painting station with canvases, brushes, and various paints. Choose a theme or color that inspires you at the moment. This hands-on activity encourages self-expression and provides a tangible keepsake to commemorate the day. Don’t worry about artistic talent—just have fun with it!

Virtual Reality Date Experience

Dive into the world of virtual reality together. Whether exploring virtual destinations, playing interactive VR games, or watching a 360-degree immersive film, VR can transport you to new and exciting realms. It’s a futuristic and cutting-edge way to spend Valentine’s Day, offering a shared experience beyond the ordinary.

Virtual Escape Room Date Night

Dive into the world of online escape rooms together. Solve puzzles, crack codes, and escape from virtual rooms—all while bonding and showcasing your problem-solving skills. It’s a unique and interactive way to spend Valentine’s Day, especially if you enjoy a good challenge. This is a great opportunity to work together, and engage on something super fun. Remember, whoever makes it out first buys the celebratory shots!

Woman sharing her cocktail ideas with her partner in Valentine's Day with Olmeca Tequila

Starlit, Tequila Shooter Picnic in the Living Room

For one of the cozier Valentine’s Day ideas, why not transform your living room into a little indoor picnic spot with fairy lights and a starry projector? Enjoy your favorite snacks, try out some exciting Olmeca shots, play indie music, and bask in the ideal mood. It’s a relaxed and intimate setting that breaks away from traditional dinner dates, making it a perfect Valentine’s Day. Here are some inspired shooters you could concoct for your in-house picnic:


The Green Shot

People normally have fruit and salad at a picnic, right? Well, let’s supercharge this special picnic with a Olmeca shot laced with apple and cucumber juice. The green shot is simple to make, refreshing, and has a healthy edge to it, perfect for a picnic.


The Amber Blade

Olmeca’s Amber Blade will make you feel in the party and picnic mood with its inclusion of fizzy wine and a variety of flavors. Mix up some Olmeca Silver with strawberry liqueur, sparkling wine, and orange juice for a mouth-tingling shot for your night under the bright lights with your date.

DIY Memory Lane Museum

Create a “Memory Lane Museum” by gathering items, photos, and mementos representing significant moments in your relationship. Arrange them in a visually appealing way, either physically or virtually, and take a nostalgic trip down memory lane. This idea adds a personal touch to the day, celebrating your unique connection.

DIY Tequila Love Potion Workshop

Unleash your inner mixologists and concoct your “tequila love potions” or unique drinks. Set up a DIY drink station with Olmeca’s tequila, some flavored syrups, mixers, and garnishes. Experiment with flavors and come up with your signature drinks. It’s a fun, lighthearted activity that adds a creative tequila twist to the traditional Valentine’s Day celebration. If you’re not the most creative, check out some of the innovative Olmeca shots we’ve just shown you, simple and delicious.

Meme-orable Movie Night

Choose a handful of your favorite memes or create personalized ones related to your relationship. Incorporate these memes into a movie night by using them as subtitles for a classic romantic film or creating a funny commentary track. It’s a humorous and modern take on a movie night, perfect for couples who appreciate internet humor.

Customized Online Trivia Night

Create a personalized trivia night based on each other’s interests and quirky facts about your relationship. Use online platforms to host the trivia game and take turns being the quizmaster. It’s a playful way to learn more about each other, share laughs, and compete in a friendly manner—ideal for the couple who loves a good trivia challenge.

Virtual World Tour Tasting

Take your taste buds on a virtual world tour by sampling snacks and dishes from different countries. Order or prepare small portions of international cuisine set up a tasting area, and explore new flavors together. It’s a delicious way to celebrate diversity and add an adventurous touch to Valentine’s Day.

This special day doesn’t have to be about pricey meals and becoming a slave to tradition, far from it. You and your loved one can set your own trends and unleash your personalities with a tequila-inspired night doing whatever you like. We’d suggest grabbing a bottle of Olmeca tequila, whipping up some shots, and allow them to inspire you to do as you wish.