Do you love a shot of tequila? Perhaps something a little longer? Maybe you, like us, enjoy tequila in all its forms — such is the dexterity of this delicious Mexican spirit. In reality tequila drinks can be served just about anywhere, at any time and in any way you can imagine. Let’s take a look at when and where you should be shooting or mixing, and what to drink when you

two people cheers with their tequila cocktails

Keeping it Short

Many people associate tequila with shots, and with good reason. This is a spirit which can dial the party up to 11 if you shoot it and these are some tips on doing just that.


Straight Shooter

Straight up shooters are a great way to liven up any party, mixed with a lick of salt and a suck of lime. The best tequila for shots is Olmeca Silver, a silky smooth shot for masses.


Slamming Shot-tails

If you want more flavor in your shot, you can get creative with some tasty additions. Slamming a tequila shot laced with a dash of tabasco will heat things up, whereas a splash of ginger ale can add depth to your shot-tail.


Cheeky Chasers

Double up your drinks with a little tequila chaser to really set the mood for the party. Great combination drinks with tequila include light beer, sweet cider and fruity hard seltzers.

When to shoot: After the sun sets and night falls Where to shoot: At home with friends or in the club with the rest of the world

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Tasty Long Tequila Drinks

There are no rules on how to drink tequila — yet another reason we love this spirit. If it doesn’t feel like time to shoot, opt for these mixed drinks, long, slow and packed with flavor.



The best cocktails are those which use simple ingredients and offer a bold taste, and the margarita ticks both boxes. Mix a shot of silver tequila with 25ml of lime juice and a 20ml blast of triple sec or cointreau. Next up, load a cocktail shaker with crushed ice and the drink mixture, turn up the salsa music and shake whilst dancing around the kitchen. Rim a glass with lime and salt, before you serve up tequila perfection.

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The Paloma is a classic cocktail which uses grapefruit soda to bring life to the tequila below. For this long drink you could use either reposado or plata tequila — let your tastebuds lead the way. For this cocktail simply blend tequila with 3 parts grapefruit soda and 20ml of agave syrup, throw some rocks in a tumbler, mix up and drink slowly.


 Tequila Sunrise

As if the name wasn’t enticing enough, this long tequila cocktail is sweet, fruity and can be enjoyed anytime between sunset and sunrise. Using 3 parts of a good quality silver tequila such as Olmeca, mix in a shaker with 6 parts orange juice. Serve over ice before pouring 1 part grenadine into the heart of the glass. Finally, adorn with a cherry as the liquid sunrise takes place.

When to go long: Brunch, lunch dinner, or midnight — long drinks are for all occasions

Where to go long: Pre-drinks at home, on a balcony in the sun or in a restaurant with friends
One bottle of tequila delivers fun, flavor and memorable moments, no matter how you choose to
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