Do you love to party but can’t stand the hangover? Have you sometimes gone too far and ended up doing something embarrassing? If you are answering yes, you are not alone. The good news is that you can still enjoy some shots with tequila, throw some shapes and tell friends that you love them, without all of the pain.


Knowing when to stop drinking is important, but how much is too much? That will differ for each of us, but your body will give you signs. Here is how your body will give you the nudge, to put the slammers down, grab your coat, and head home.

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Flushed Face

For most people, a flushed face is a sign that the booze has got to them a little too much. Let’s geek out a little to find out why.


When the body breaks down alcohol, it will convert alcohol to a toxic molecule called acetaldehyde, which in turn needs to be broken down. Unfortunately, because of the high levels of alcohol in your system, this process can’t happen easily. The result is that the body releases histamine, thus triggering this flushed appearance. Basically, it is like your body is allergic, and reacts as such.


Even if you can’t remember the science, just bear in mind that a flushed face is not good news, so take a break if this happens.

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Balance Issues

Many of us find great humor in seeing our friends fall over after one too many, and understandably so. This, however, is a clear sign that someone has drunk too much, and they should stop very soon. Losing balance, even slightly, is a clear sign of being drunk, and funny as it may look, someone could really hurt themselves when they are in this state. If you’re wobbling like a boxer who’s taken their opponent’s best shots, be sure to throw in the white towel.


Aggressive Behavior

Experts still don’t understand the exact science behind it, but a large percentage of people get aggressive when they’ve had too much to drink. This is an awful trait and one that can land you in hot water, or the hospital. Nobody likes an aggressive person, and if this is something you display, avoid getting too drunk at all costs. This is one of the symptoms of being drunk that will see you lose friends very quickly.

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Losing Your Lunch

The surest sign that your body has consumed too much, is throwing it all up in the toilet – if you are lucky. Vomiting is not nice, it tastes horrendous and hurts your chest. Thankfully, you can avoid it if you are sensible. Firstly, stick to the best spirits for your shots and cocktails. High-quality products like Olmeca tequila for slammers and mixed drinks will treat your body far better than budget trash. Beyond improving the quality of your drinks, reduce the amount you’re taking on. Throwing up should be the clearest sign that it is time to stop drinking and go home.


Don’t ignore your body when you are living it up, enjoy yourself, take it easy, and head home when your body tells you to. There will always be another party.