With the festive season fully upon us, there are bound to be plenty of parties and opportunities to enjoy yourself with a drink. The question is, are you someone who can enjoy a drink responsibly? For most of us, the answer is yes, but even the most responsible amongst us can get carried away. The results of drinking too much can be embarrassment, injury, or even getting involved in a drunk driving accident. To avoid any dangers that come with overdrinking, here are some tips to keep you safe.

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Avoiding the Roads

The festive season not only sees a higher number of parties, but it is also when taxi prices soar. This often prompts people to take the car, and many end up breaching the legal drinking limit. Although the law allows for some intake of alcohol before driving, it is best that you simply don’t drive if you’ve had a drink. Plan ahead before your party and arrange a lift home or a place to stay for the night. You could stay at a hotel or a friend’s house to avoid hitting the road. This will keep you safe from harm and avoid problems with the police.

Making Poor Choices

Many things seem like a good idea when drunk, but they aren’t in reality. For example, texting an ex to tell them what you think of them, or uploading images and content to social media that cause a stir. The best way to avoid this is to give your phone to a friend once you feel you’ve had too much. Preferably a sober friend. A responsible friend can help you avoid these choices, no matter how much you have drunk.

Aggression and Balance Issues

If you fall over or start fighting at a party, it is usually because you are far too drunk. There is a minority who have other issues that lead to aggression, but alcohol is almost always to blame. To avoid these embarrassing situations, there are some tips that you should remember. Mixing drinks is a big no-no for example. The key is to stick to the same drink all night. If you plan on having some nice Olmeca tequila, for example, stick to it. When people mix drinks they invariably get into all kinds of trouble. Also, you should identify any drinks that hit you harder than others.

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General Lessons To Takeaway

Now let’s round things up to make sure that you are going to be safe before, during, and after the party:

  • Take things slowly, this isn’t a drinking competition
  • Stay topped up on water throughout the night, your hangover will thank you
  • Forget the alcohol driving limit, if you drink alcohol, never drive
  • Always drink amongst friends and trusted people who will care for you
  • Make sure you have plans for getting home or where to stay after the party
  • If you get too drunk, too quick, stop and make plans to go home
  • Try your best not to mix up different alcoholic drinks through the night
  • Keep your strength up and your stomach full with snacks throughout the night

The most important point to make is to always drink with people whom you trust. If you do that then you should be able to avoid issues and get home safely after a great party.