You’ve been invited to a high fashion event in La Roma in Mexico City. You know it’s going to be classy and that they’ll be serving tequila drinks and cocktails but you’re not quite sure what to wear?

fashion girl dancing at party with friends

Well relax, you’re in the right place, because fashion and style in Mexico is at the zenith of its powers and the city is overflowing with exciting young designers that are out to change the market paradigm. Luxury brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Hermès and Louis Vuitton sit alongside a plethora of local labels, with names such as Graziano and Gutierrez, Mucha(c)arne, Ocelote and The Pack amongst those to look out for.

three fashion women dancing at night party in a house

The key to choosing the right outfit for you to wear to this gala? Believe it or not it’s you! Stay true to your values, follow your heart and you’ll find the fashion inspiration that’s innately inside of you. So just trust your instinct.

fashionably dressed man examines glass of olmeca gold tequila before drinking

If you look around the room at any high fashion event in Mexico City you’re bound to see the creme de la creme of Mexican fashion from elegant women’s outfits by Alexia Ulibarri, the indefinable almost genderless style of Pay’s to the minimalist fashion aesthetic of rising stars like Luis Velazquez.

two women dance at a party while holding a shot of margaritas mixed with olmeca tequila

Cocktails, especially drinks with tequila, are the order of the day at these kind gatherings. So just like the fashion on display there’ll be those with classic lines such as the Paloma and Margarita as well as those with a cutting edge style like Rosarita and Tequila Negroni. You may even spot the rare and exotic Olmeca Mojito which is made on Tequila Olmeca Silver and unlike any Mojito you’ve ever tried before.

So, relax, unwind and drink it all in, in a manner of speaking! The fiesta’s just starting and remember don’t leave until you hear the DJ say “Aquí, nunca se rompió una taza!”