Are you planning on throwing a fun party for your friends? Looking for some fun drinking games to get the party going? If so, we have some super fun games you and your friends will love. Throw some tequila into the mix, prepare your games, and let the good times roll. Preparation is key when it comes to throwing a party for the ages, especially when it comes to the games. Load up on shot glasses, grab a bottle of Olmeca tequila, and create a wild adult game night for you and your crew with these fun games.

Kickstart – Shot Roulette

To get the party going, play this game of chance with your friends. Take 10 shot glasses, and fill some with water and some with Olmeca tequila. Given how early it is, we suggest a ratio of 7:3 tequila to water, but the choice is yours. Ask your guests to close their eyes and pick a number from one to ten. Now they need to hold their nose and drink the shot and see if they were lucky enough to get a tequila shot. You may also wish to add in the odd rogue a shot of vodka, and then see who gets the surprise package.

woman dancing at a party

Warming Up – Who Am I?

Once everyone has had a couple of shots, they should be easing nicely into the evening. Now is the time to play ‘Who Am I’. This is a basic game where you write down the name of a celeb or famous figure on paper, and place them in a bowl. Each person takes a piece of paper and sticks it to their forehead without looking first. Each person must ask questions about their famous figure, but yes and no are the only answers you can give. So where do the shots come in you ask? Well for each wrong guess, it’s tequila time. For a correct guess, they can nominate someone to down a shot.

Loose Tongues – Never Have I Ever

Now your party is on fire and your guest’s tongues are a little looser, it’s time to raise the stakes with ‘Never Have I Ever.’ In this game, each person takes turns saying something outlandish that they have never done. If someone else in the group has committed the act, they must do a shot. This game will certainly bring adult fun to proceedings, and uncover some potentially uncomfortable truths. All in the name of tequila and fun of course.

friends making toasts at a party

Getting Dicey – 7/11 or Doubles

This is a great drinking game for two people or more and requires nothing more than a pair of dice and some tequila shots. Each player takes turns rolling the dice and if the numbers add up to 7 or 11, they have to take a shot. If the player rolls two of the same number, they can nominate someone in the group to do a shot on their behalf. Roll the dice and take the ride.

Finishing Strong – Drunk Jenga

And finally, one of the best drinking games without cards, drunken Jenga. This game will take some planning so get started well before your party. The game is played as usual, yet each block that is removed has a task or an activity written on it. We suggest that you make this the final game of the evening, as things can get silly pretty quickly. You could write whatever task or activity you wish, as long as you include bricks with ‘take a shot’ written on them. Get creative with each brick and finish your party in the zaniest way, giving everyone moments to remember.

Now, remember to play with responsibility and to have fun, use a shooter like an event, let it turbocharge the moment, not the entire evening.